Stand Out - Dorie Clark

Stand Out - Dorie Clark

This post is a book review of Dorie Clark's (author of Reinventing You) bestselling book titled:

Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It 

"Standing out is no longer optional". 
With an introduction this compelling and profound, Stand Out is a wonderful guide to career success in the new era of business. With disruptive technologies and surging competition from real, virtual and artificial sources, it makes sense to be able to distinguish ourselves as uniquely valuable.

Clark's bestseller promises to guide readers to do precisely this: become a recognized expert and the go-to person for a specific field. It teaches how to home in on a niche space, carve out a reputation in this area of focus, find ways to leverage ourselves and sustain this authority in the long run. 

The book is divided into three parts beginning with

identifying an idea or niche field that will set us apart, crafting and researching it,

creating a following around the 'One Big Idea' and  

building an audience and community to scale the impact.

The book finishes with tips to sustain 'Thought Leadership'. These include making time for reflection- a vital step for innovation and journeying along the path to success. The writer also talks about the importance of making a living while continuing to be a pioneer, adding that stable finances are essential to maintain long term effort and success.

Key points that really impressed me in this book are:

  • Dorie Clark does not promise a breakthrough idea as a flash of inspiration. Instead she suggests various avenues to discover these great ideas with research, hard work and  applying our unique perspectives. 
  • This book does not promise quick fixes. Instead it highlights effective ways to recognize our value and focus our efforts and talents on cultivating an expertise
  • The book takes a practical and holistic approach to becoming a lauded expert. Just as adding value, being driven by the needs of one's audience are tecniques presented to create impactful ideas; there are steps enumerated to increase our own worth. For instance, using affiliations for better prospects, monetizing through blogs, landing paying gigs like speaking engagements, book deals, and so on.
  • The author outlines that becoming a master is a time and labor intensive commitment. It needs to be fuelled by passion and belief. She demonstrates how to build a community and framework to ensure that the fun factor and energy stay strong.
  • Questions at the end of each chapter are valuable exercises to implement the strategies given in the book.
  • Numerous case studies and interviews serve as practical examples and also reinforce the points being made.
  • The book is a treasure trove for working professionals, with excellent networking tips, and brand leveraging strategies.

I am working on revising the answers to the exercises given in the book and can't wait to implement them. Have you read the book? Did you find it useful? What are your thoughts on the book? Share your review in the comments below.


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