Learning Project: Science & Mechanics of My Personal Learning

Learner and Input.

These two themes on the Strengthsfinder List are a way of life for me. They are and will always be significant influencers on my thoughts, actions and life. I love learning. I like knowing

And that is why, I started capturing what I learn. Starting January this year, I started documenting what I learn. I was curious and it seemed like fascinating, fun data science project. After a month, I saw patterns emerge. I realized the points/ concepts I am learning every day fall into few broad categories. Intrigued, I started tracking those as well to gain a deeper understanding of my learning habits and trends. My current sheet is shared here

In this post, I'd like to outline the rules and rationale of the project I embarked on:

  • Data points are added only weekdays. I find that sustaining efforts in long term needs thought and recharge/ review time. Hence, weekends are my quiet times. Even on those days, I do read and learn. I just like the freedom of not being obliged to.
  • Only one new lesson or tip for a day. I confess- there are days when I am inundated with original ideas, mind boggling concepts and useful hacks. And there are days when I pour over books and scour the Internet in search of an inspiring tip that I don't know and will remember forever.
  • Lesson will include only a snippet of the idea- no links. I deliberately refrain from writing down the source of the information or link. There are several reasons for this:
    • Good memory exercise
    • Filters the unforgettable ideas from the fun or mildly useful or complicated
    • Focuses on the concept and helps stay on point with specific keywords
    • Google is powerful. Catchphrases noted in my sheet are enough to bring up accurate results for the concept I found amazing
  • The project duration is  set for one year. I want to see what concepts I learn in a year and what domains and preferences dominate.

This is the first step of my investigation into my learning habits and preferences. What do you think about my approach? How do you keep tabs on your learning and growth? Leave me your thoughts and tips in the comments below.

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