MOOCS - Introduction to R

MOOCS - Introduction to R

Course Name:

Introduction to R



Platform of Learning:

Data Camp

Link to Course:

Requirements for Completion:

Complete 6 units broken into smaller lessons: about 6 hours of study.

Grade Received:

Certificate awarded

Learning Level:

Beginner but familiar with few concepts.

Course Enrollment Intent:

Learner. Recommended course in Udacity Data Science course.

Skills/Key Concepts:

Intro to Basics
Data Frames

Course Analysis:

Really good course for learning the Basics of R. The course is free but does require students to set up an account to log in. The lectures are delivered in learn by doing format. (Think W3schools style) . SO, you will literally read instructiosn and code to learn the concepts.
Points are awarded for correct answers with Hints available for purchase. This, personally, is a great way to motivate learners as it fuels the competitive streak. (so common in coders). The included console helps speed up the process of studying as you will have to code successfully to move ahead.

Points of Note:

Points system and examples help make the lessons engaging and meaningful.


Do check out if you want to start learning R. They offer other courses (some paid and some free) and complete tracks based on the path of data science you're keen on pursuing.

Future Application:

Master R programming and start creating projects in R.

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