MOOCS- Showcase: Quora Answer

Previously, I had created an infographic about how to showcase mastery of MOOCs.

I recently wrote an answer on Quora about how to extract value from online courses. Reproduced here are the top tips: 

  • Demonstrate that you fulfilled the learning objectives of the course in the interview stage. In your resume/LinkedIn, try to add a couple of lines on what you mastered during the course.
  • Showcase how you can apply and translate that knowledge into the role you will be applying for.
  • Try to follow up the course with a project, paper or a blog post. You can always write a Lessons Learned article and publish on LinkedIn if you lack a blog or website.
  • If you are on GitHub or the likes, add at least a pdf of practice assignments that you tried on your own. [NO homework or reproducing course contents!]
  •  Actively participate in the course forums during and after the course. Most courses have an active community outside the course platform on LinkedIn, FB, Twitter and Google+. Join the discussions and stay in the loop.
  • Dedicate efforts to make valuable connections from the course participants and convert them into real contacts. They can connect you to all sorts of resources [other contacts, job opportunities or at least great groups and discussions to follow] which is an often overlooked advantage of these courses. Ensure that you add the same value for them as well and share resources with others too!

These are typically steps that we follow in a class or college but find difficult to achieve in the absence of physical interaction and soft deadlines of an online course. So, stay focussed and motivated well after the class ends and continue to reap the benefits of your commitment to learning.

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