Peak Work Performance Summit

The Peak Work Performance Summit is an annual collaboration between top thinkers and experts who share their methods to lead more productive, happier, healthier lives.

Just like last year, I watched through the videos and got inspired, enlightened and mind-blown by the amazing concepts shared. Below is a list of some of my favorite points:

  • Todd Henry-

Treat Confidence as poker chips. Each little win adds to your stack.

  • Daniel Pink-

Maintain an Achievement Journal to keep track of past successes. Use these to propel yourself ahead, especially in challenging times.

  • Jay Papanasan -

Perfection or Expertise takes time and Sacrifice

  • Paula Rizzo -

Use the concept of back timing to accomplish work as well as enjoy vacations to the fullest.

  • Mike Vardy-

Use the concept of 'Don't Break the Chain' to maintain goals and accomplishments.

  • Thanh Pham -

Make rituals instead of Habits

  • Caroline Webb -

Turn around a bad day by asking what can be learnt form the experience

  • Peter Bergman -

Apologize for impact not Behavior

  • Dorie Clark -

Ensure that your brand is consistent with the image you want to portray and not outdated, inconsistent or negative

  • Alex Mandossian -

Be your Verb, make people associate you with a verb not noun or adjective.

Did you watch the Summit? If so, what were tips really resonated with you and which were the most impactful? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


168 Hours - Laura Vanderkam

168 Hours - Laura Vanderkam

Stand Out - Dorie Clark

Stand Out - Dorie Clark