Work Smarter Summit

'Work Smarter Summit' held in February of this year was a virtual event where industry leaders shared their success strategies and tips for working smarter by taking career leveraging actions. While the summit has ended, encore of certain sessions are still being shared. The entire summit can still also be accessed via purchase with more details here.

The summit featured more than thirty experts on productivity, collaboration and leadership. Hence, it was immensely beneficial for me as I learnt plenty of useful techniques and hacks. A broad range of topics were covered like personal branding, networking, building authority, working with and managing teams [including virtual teams] with thought leaders sharing their expert advice and hints. 

Fav Section:

The last segment of each episode consisted of two questions posed by the host David Burkus:

  1. Personal hacks that the guest(s) personally used 
  2. Snapshot of what an ideal day looked like

This was my favorite part and not just because it made the guest more relatable and the video fun. I enjoyed it because it showed this recurring theme: that the best systems and hacks are not perfect; just more aligned with our values, strengths and preferences.

What I Gained:

I watched most of the videos, took notes, read through the links provided and even joined the hour long summary webinar. In conclusion, I have to say that the summit was tremendously advantageous to me for multiple reasons:

  • Tips and Ideas on Various Subjects and Fields  
  • Concrete Strategies for Improvement in multiple areas of work
  • Access to Various Thought Leaders and Sites
  • Content for more Posts (always a win!)
  • A special e-book at the start of the summit

Steps Forward:

Now, ideas without execution are a waste. Hence, these are the steps that I have outlined after the summit:

  • Follows :

All these leaders have their sites and Twitter accounts. I aim to follow them on at least one channel, depending on the topic and medium.

  • Blog Posts:

Based on my terse notes from watching the sessions; I plan to share the lessons and techniques I learned.

  • Other Actions:

Some of the guests shared practical tactics: like Pomodore technique, networking script, action plans. I intend to try them out and share my thoughts and insights on this blog very soon.

In conclusion, I have to say that the virtual conference was absolutely fantastic and incredibly advantageous. 

Work Smarter Summit: Ideas & Lessons

MicroVolunteering Updates- 2017

MicroVolunteering Updates- 2017