MicroVolunteering Updates- 2017

MicroVolunteering Updates- 2017

March is here and I decided to take stock of all my micro volunteering activities in the past two months.


This is my favorite micro-volunteering sites on which I have been active since 2011. 


Another favorite site that contains hundreds of micro volunteering projects. The best part about this site is that it classifies activities by category and time; so we can choose based on our interests and time spans. I found a great Meta Data activity and I am excited to do my bit for helping out with noble causes.


I learnt about this site from HelpFromHome- it has games to add meta data to various artifacts and archived materials. I recently signed up for this project as a few other causes I was working on did not seem to have functional sites. I did play an image tagging games in anonymous mode and am waiting for my sign up process to get completed.


Another excellent site that matches activities posted by non-profits with volunteers based on skills and interests. I have been a little less active on this site of late but sharing a picture of my overall stats and badges.


I found that two other micro-volunteering sites, that I liked; are not working/ under maintenance. VerbCorner and ARTigo were sites that I had participated on last year. Unfortunately, I have been unable to reach these sites each time I tried this year; including today. Hence, my shift to MetaDataGames. 

Since my goal is to do a bit of good, I am not hung up (although curious) on any particular site. To all reading this, spare a minute or so and do a noble activity. As the tag line at HelpFromHome goes, Change The World in your PJs! 

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