Work Smarter Summit : Ideas & Lessons - 2

In today's post, I list the tips and take-aways from Day 3 & 4 of the highly productive Work Smarter Summit.

1. On How To Accelerate Your Leadership - May Busch

This interview gave me multiple pointers for leadership like:

Work on people, business and yourself

Get regular feedback and act on it. Identify your weaknesses and take action

Keep learning and growing

Use 80% rule, especially if you are inclined towards perfectionism

Heterogenous teams better. So, surround yourself with people who have strengths different than yours

2. How To Get Your Work Recognized - Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark is a recognized expert on Personal Branding and Networking. I follow her newsletter, Twitter account and am working on the worksheets from her latest book. Her explanation of the ROI of blogging and strategy for content scaling are immensely advantageous.

I also found the tip about publishing articles/ ideas and then focussing on those that get the most traction to hone your niche very sage and effective. 

3. How Your Personality Affects Your Work - Carson Tate

Another mind-blowing speaker who shared useful strategies for working more effectively and harmoniously. 

Identifying our work personalities as Planners, Prioritizers, Arrangers, Visualizers was enlightening. [I am a Prioritizer]. I loved how she stated on the benefits of understanding our own and our families' / colleagues' styles. She elaborated that this step is imperative to manage and lead better [ourselves and others] by harnessing individual strengths.


The one point that really impressed me was: 'No one size fits all'. 

4. How To Be Truly Productive - Mike Vardy

'Themes for work' is a novel concept introduced in this episode. 

The concept of understanding the modes of different tasks and then batching activities together is simple and highly productive. 

The related notion of 'Outline Intention and Attention before doing a task' is also valuable.

The suggestion of thinking about time after work is one that I have learnt from Time Management Guru Laura Vanderkam. Mike Vardy also emphasizes on the benefits of thinking holistically about time: viewing the 24 hours in a day as a whole. 

Following up to this, was the tactic of 'Horizontal theming': a technique for people who hold 9to5 jobs. Since, meetings and discussions are inevitable, absolute control over one's schedule is near impossible. So, the work around is to work in chunks of time; periods other than those spent in administrative tasks or meetings.



Work Smarter Summit: Lessons & Ideas - 3

Work Smarter Summit: Ideas & Lessons