First Steps- Data Science Projects & Assignments

I have been enrolled in formal Data Science courses for a month now and am excited to say that I finally ran my code in a Python notebook. While the actual project is just beginning, I deemed it right to share the moment on this site. Yay!

I also added a short collection of assignments done as part of the course on GitHub. I am pleased!

Right now, it does feel ambitious, but I hope to analyze my blog similar to Wordpress. Their insights are amazing btw. Another project waiting to get started is a deeper investigation of the student data from my PLA class. [Note: The class was conducted using R, but I shall be doing the analysis in Python.]

Of course, finishing the courses I am enrolled in are number One priority for me. But, I hope to do these projects as a side hustle. It will give me the confidence to then start participating in Kaggle competitions too!

With loads to do and much to learn, until the next post; it's adieu. 

As ever, please do share your tips and suggestions in the comments below.


Analytics Project- Python

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