Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is a concept that I learnt while starting and maintaining this site. While I use it extensively for my blogs; with this site, I have not been very disciplined about sticking to the calendar. But, this year I do plan to follow the calendar: starting with sharing the schedule.

The good part about an editorial calendar is that it is not set in stone. It can be changed. It merely serves as a guide and checkpoint all rolled into one.

Given below are screenshots of Feb-Mar of this calendar. I hope to religiously follow posting weekly in the first quarter of this year and up it to two posts every week form April. 

As seen in the Notes section, I am currently doing courses from Udacity. So, definitely, these will definitely get added as posts- whether in Feb/Mar or later depends on when I finish.

So, do wish me luck and share your suggestions and techniques on using an Editorial calendar in the comments below.

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