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About Me

Hi, I am Nirupama Puthur Venkataraman.

I am a engineer and experienced tester with a background in health insurance, UX, project management and research. I have a love for learning, and am currently diving into the field of data science with MOOCs. My current projects also include working on this website and interesting personal projects to keep my web development skills from getting rusty.

While not coding or studying or working on materials for this site, I can be found blogging on Wordpress or micro-volunteering or reading or solving Sudoku puzzles.

A Brief History

From an idea (to showcase my work and chronicle the journey of self-improvement) to a full blown website featuring my articles, certificates and projects, this site is an expression of my creative and coding skills. It is a gallery of personal projects, a placeholder for my professional accomplishments, and a space for documenting the process of continuously learning and building my skill set.